BIG Partner Grantham University – Full Scholarship Award!

Recipient of Grantham University’s Full Scholarship Award
The National Organization of Blacks In Government (BIG), Inc. and Grantham University are pleased to announce this year’s recipient of a full scholarship toward a graduate degree–Ms.  Natasha Reed.  The scholarship is valued up to $39,471 and covers tuition costs, required textbooks, software and fees.
Ms. Reed is a licensed civil engineer employed by the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center.  She is a member of Region IX, Ventura County Chapter. Criteria for the award included writing an essay on the 2016 National Training Institute Theme, “Commit to Excellence: Think, Believe, and Achieve BIG!” 
Portions of her award winning essay state, “I am ready for my next challenge.  .  . to ACHIEVE BIG! I would like to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business.  I travel constantly for work and it is normal for me to not only be the only woman, but also the only person of color.  My goal is to break down the barrier in the math and sciences field. I plan to do this through starting a foundation that helps mentor young women of color.  I believe that my experiences and accomplishments can help inspire others.  Sometimes motivation comes through seeing someone like yourself and knowing that anything is achievable.  I believe that this degree will help me to accomplish that goal… the goals and objectives of BIG align with my personal values.  I believe that being a part of this organization will not only help me to grow as an individual but it will give me an opportunity to help in the development of my community as well.   A long time ago I made a commitment to excel in whatever I put my mind to. I was able to overcome any adversity I faced through hard work and faith. I am looking forward to new challenges and my journey is far from over.”
We congratulate Ms. Natasha Reed as she continues to excel in her career and make positive contributions as part of the Blacks In Government family.



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“Thank You For Thinking BIG!”


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