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Closes June 27,2019

Auditor/Program Analyst (Audit Evaluator)

Job Number:
IA 2019-50-10525943-ED
Journey band
Arlington, VA – Eagan, MN
Closing Date:
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Brief Description:

This announcement provides the opportunity for a reassignment/promotion to the position of Auditor or Program Analyst (Audit Evaluator) within the Office of Audit. At the highest level of performance the selected candidate performs individually and as a member of an audit team the full range of audit functions, including continuing responsibility for a specific component of a project.


Closes July 1, 2019

Please Note:  These announcements were posted with two different sets of locations.  Please ensure you apply to the correct internal and/or external announcement. Click the announcement number to view the full vacancy announcement.

 USTP-19-10522065-MP and DE-10520419-19-WS

San Francisco                                                Newark                                            San Juan

Wichita                                                          Buffalo                                            Seattle

Atlanta                                                           Rochester                                       Roanoke

Baltimore                                                      Portland


USTP-19-10491565-MP-KH and USTP-19-10491545-DE-KH

Riverside                                                       San Diego                                        Sana Ana

Peoria                                                            Boston                                            Portland, ME

Manchester, NH                                           Providence                                     Memphis

Madison                                                        Milwaukee


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